Conan, Stewart, and Colbert Dance Off

2 Jun

Since everyone else is posting this video today, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. Enjoy.



Gizmo Does David Caruso

2 Jun


The IBM Muppet Show

2 Jun

“IBM. The Muppets. Two venerable institutions-but not ones we tend to associate with each other. Yet in the late 1960s, before most people had ever seen a computer in person or could identify a Muppet on sight, the two teamed up when IBM contracted with Jim Henson for a series of short films designed to help its sales staff.”


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I'm A Shark: BP Edition

2 Jun


Get Out

2 Jun

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Get Out is a 3D film from the Ecole SupĂ©rieure des MĂ©tiers Artistiques in France. It was made by Charlotte Boisson, Julien Fourvel, Pascal Han-Kwan, Tristan Reinarz and Fanny Roche.”


Afternoon Slump

2 Jun

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Best Passport Rejection Letter Ever

1 Jun