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Important Things

2 Jun

10 Tips For More Fuel-Efficient Summer Driving [Consumerist]

American Investors = Stupid Losers [Market Watch]

China’s New Invention–the iPed. Just Like the iPad, but More Chinese [Kotaku]

American Cigarettes are the Worst Kind of Cigarettes [Reuters]

Free Apps Install Spyware on Macs [CNET]

Digg is Dead [Website Magazine]

British Mountaineer Left to Die After He Lost His Sight Upon Descent [Daily Mail]

Detained Illegal Immigrants Still Count Towards the Census [Washington Post]

British Airways Gives Osama Bin Laden a Boarding Pass. Oops [ABC News]

White is the New Not White, In Terms of Race [Daily Mail]

BP Has Successfully Increased Oil Flow By 20% [CNN]


Afternoon Slump

2 Jun

10 Most Outstanding Teens [Oddee]

10 Controversial TV Comedies [Weird Worm]

6 Well-Intentioned Ways You’re Ruining Your Dog [Cracked]

The 66 Most Overrated Women of 2010 [Guyism]

The Most Badass Way to Get Dressed [Total Pro Sports]

Working Felt-Tip Printer Made Out of Legos [Doobybrain]

Minority Report Eye Scanners Almost Ready [Gamma Squad]

Illegally Downloaded The Hurt Locker? Get a Lawyer [The Smoking Section]

Afternoon Slump

1 Jun

The 16 Most Gloriously Nerdy Musical Acts of All Time [Topless Robot]

9 People Hearing for the First Time [Buzzfeed]

6 Geniuses You Didn’t Know Were Perverts [Cracked]

Leaked iPhone 4G Video Leaked by iPhone Portugal [Huff Post]

Tony Jaa Leaving Film Industry to Pursue Monk-hood [Twitch]

Job Searching Tips for the Class of 2010 [Gunaxin]

Director of The Hobbit is No Longer the Director of The Hobbit [I Watch Stuff]

Sink Hole In Guatemala [Manolith]

The History of Rickrolling (Infographic) [NextRound]

Afternoon Slump

18 May

Top 10 Bizarre and Controversial Archaeological Discoveries [Top Tenz]

30+ Shirts Inspired by the Internet [Busted]

Top 10 Twitter Obsessed Celebrities [Hollyscoop]

5 Reasons Why You Should be Scared of Google [Cracked]

The 80s Bully Super Montage [NextRound]

Computer Algorithm that Can Recognize Sarcasm [Pop Sci]

Working Batpod Replica is Awesome [Comics Alliance]

Important Things

17 May

15 Jobs You Never Knew Existed [Woman’s Day]

A Guide to Capitalizing On the Space-Travel Enterprise [The Big Money]

What Really Happens When You Attempt to Delete Your Facebook Account [Geek Culture]

There Could be a Link Between Pesticides and ADHD [Time]

China to Build “The Biggest Solar Energy Production Base in the Whole World” [Washington Post]

Overview of Red Dead Redemption [NY Times]

Texas Schools Board to Rewrite US History, Stressing God and Guns [Guardian]

Meet the Crazy Woman Behind It [Gawker]

British Man Killed by Heat from Cannabis Farm Inside His Home [News Limited]

BP Hopes to Siphon Up to Half of Oil In Gulf [Yahoo News]

Woman Sues Wireless Carrier After Her Affair is Exposed via Cell Phone Bill [The Star]

Afternoon Slump

17 May

5 Superpowers We All Had as Babies [Cracked]

MIT Nerds Create LEGO Organs [Kotaku]

Top 10 Fictional Private Eyes [Gunaxin]

Rush Limbaugh Explains How He Manipulates People [Milk And Cookies]

16 Amusing Windows Fanboys VS Mac Fanboys Examples [Regretful Morning]

A Special Balls Deep Message to the Class of 2010 [Deadspin]

Tracking the Oil Spill [NY Times]

Afternoon Slump

12 May

6 Outlaws More Badass than Robin Hood [Gunaxin]

6 Bizarre Mysteries that Are Still Totally Unanswered [Weird Worm]

The 20 Greatest Moments In Wikipedia Vandalism [Manofest]

Mudflap and Skids Will Not Be Returning to Transformers 3 [FilmDrunk]

Tyra Banks Writing Fantasy Novels Now [Gamma Squad]

This Flower Will Give You Nightmares [Kuriositas]