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Real Life Bart Simpson Writes Every Chalkboard Line

17 May

“Every 6 months, Work Club, a London based ad agency, invites an up and coming artist to decorate its 22m long blackboard wall. This time Bart Simpson was invited to come over on his skateboard and take over the office with every single line he’s ever written on the Springfield Elementary School blackboard. In order!”



Porn Stars Reading Shakespeare

12 May


Snooki Can Punch. Sort Of

6 May

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19 Apr

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Disney's Copy and Paste

29 Mar

[dabedoo.] || theDW

Disney’s Copy and Paste

29 Mar

[dabedoo.] || theDW

Shit Talking At Its Finest

26 Mar

After being pinned on the ground for several minutes, this douchebag still isn’t done being a douchebag.