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Man Vs. Wild: Literal Edition

18 May

Vodpod videos no longer available. [gm.]



12 May


Why Women Cry

6 May

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First Date vs. Reality TV First Date

26 Apr


TMNT Evolution

22 Apr

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They're Magically Delicious

20 Apr


Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Critiques Ke$ha Lyrics

19 Apr

“The Princeton Tiger Magazine presents another edition of “Discussions in Contemporary Poetry.” In this episode, we critique Ke$ha’s “TikTok” with Princeton Professor and Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon.”

Basically, she’s a fucking talentless moron that likes to rhyme words that have nothing to do with the premise of her songs–if there’s even a premise at that. Does anyone else hate her as much as I do? I could seriously go on forever listing the different things I hate about her. But, I digress; I’ll hold that article for another day.

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