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Stereotypical Music Video of the Day. This Kid Really Likes Chicken

26 May



Rude Boy's Response

18 May

Vodpod videos no longer available. [collegehumor.]

Notorious H.I.T

6 May


I'm On A Boat – Death Metal Mix

26 Apr

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If Creed Sounded The Way They Looked

22 Apr

We all know that Creed is a ridiculously terrible band, both in the visual and audio sense. This video takes an in-depth look at the art of Creed–saying ‘yeah’ way too many times, then backing it up with generic melodies.

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Four Chord Hits

19 Apr

The Axis of Awesome performs Four Chords live. This really highlights the lack of originality in American pop songs.

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Auto-Tune the News #11 Now With More Good Charlotte

5 Apr

Although the last few videos were kinda lame, the Gregory brothers managed to somewhat redeem themselves with their latest installment of Auto-Tune the News. This one features that guy from Good Charlotte. I’m not sure if it’s Benji or Joel, (at first glance. However, on the link it says Joel) but then again it doesn’t really matter. This video is somewhat better than the more recent ones…but not by enough.