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The Energy Used In a Google Search

12 May

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First Still From the First New Episode of Futurama

5 May

“The long-awaited sixth season of Futurama premieres Thursday, June 24 at 10pm / 9c. Awesome, right? Right. But that’s in like fifty days. How are you supposed to not suffocate under the weight of your own anticipation?”


Auto-Tune the News #11 Now With More Good Charlotte

5 Apr

Although the last few videos were kinda lame, the Gregory brothers managed to somewhat redeem themselves with their latest installment of Auto-Tune the News. This one features that guy from Good Charlotte. I’m not sure if it’s Benji or Joel, (at first glance. However, on the link it says Joel) but then again it doesn’t really matter. This video is somewhat better than the more recent ones…but not by enough.


Stoner Party

29 Mar


Introducing Congresswoman J.D. Hayworth

22 Feb


I Scream, You Scream, And if You Do It Again You're Dead

11 Feb

Peter Montenegro, the homely gentleman pictured above, was arrested Wednesday for the attempted murder and robbery of Amarjit Kaur, the kind neighborhood ice cream truck driver. That isn’t a mugshot you’re looking at, that’s his fucking high school photo. Look how mean he looks–and the kid’s only 15. Can you imagine how terrible he’ll be when he’s 25? First it’s ice cream trucks, then pretty soon it’ll be luxury cars parked outside the local liquor store, because this kid’s got nothing going for him. I’m thinking that good parenting is in short supply.

from KCRA

“At about 2:41 p.m. Feb. 3, Vallejo police responded to a report of a woman slumped behind the steering wheel of an ice cream truck in the area of Springs Road at Castlewood Drive.

The truck was near Springstowne Middle School, where Kaur apparently regularly sold ice cream.

According to a detective, Montenegro and another boy allegedly demanded money from Kaur.

The detective said Kaur, a recent immigrant who did not speak English well, had trouble understanding their demands and was shot when the boys thought she was not responding quickly enough.”

Who the fuck robs ice cream trucks? Ice cream trucks, puppies, public access television, and babies are the only decent things we have left these days. He could have easily just robbed a strip club, or run an underground gambling rig in his basement. The possibilities are endless. Tsk tsk.

Would Me Sucking Your Dick Convince You Otherwise

4 Feb

Nick Snider, a 21 year old model, was arrested last Monday for being a drunk asshole and wearing t-shirts that have stupid, totally outdated phrases on them. From the looks of it, he traveled downtown in more ways than one. If you don’t catch my drift, he tried to bargain with the police by offering oral sex for his release…multiple times. I’m pretty sure that only works if you’re a chick, or if you’re in San Francisco.

from NY Post

“A top male model from Manhattan who has appeared in Prada ads is facing criminal charges after reportedly offering oral sex to Arkansas cops in return for letting him go following an arrest for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Nick Snider, 21, was busted on Monday morning after causing a disturbance at a friend’s house near Little Rock. When cops approached Snider, he told them that he is “a very famous model,” according to police records obtained by

Snider offered the officer oral sex in return for his release. The officer declined, according to the report.

Snider, who also has a home in Orlando, then allegedly repeated the oral sex offer after arriving at the local lockup, where he “also harassed the booking jailer with similar sexual comments,” according to the report.”

I bet he’s the kind of guy that likes to touch dude’s butts and yell no homo, then think about it later on when he’s in his bed watching episodes of America’s Next Top Model that he Tivo’d the night before.