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Important Things

2 Jun

10 Tips For More Fuel-Efficient Summer Driving [Consumerist]

American Investors = Stupid Losers [Market Watch]

China’s New Invention–the iPed. Just Like the iPad, but More Chinese [Kotaku]

American Cigarettes are the Worst Kind of Cigarettes [Reuters]

Free Apps Install Spyware on Macs [CNET]

Digg is Dead [Website Magazine]

British Mountaineer Left to Die After He Lost His Sight Upon Descent [Daily Mail]

Detained Illegal Immigrants Still Count Towards the Census [Washington Post]

British Airways Gives Osama Bin Laden a Boarding Pass. Oops [ABC News]

White is the New Not White, In Terms of Race [Daily Mail]

BP Has Successfully Increased Oil Flow By 20% [CNN]


Important Things

17 May

15 Jobs You Never Knew Existed [Woman’s Day]

A Guide to Capitalizing On the Space-Travel Enterprise [The Big Money]

What Really Happens When You Attempt to Delete Your Facebook Account [Geek Culture]

There Could be a Link Between Pesticides and ADHD [Time]

China to Build “The Biggest Solar Energy Production Base in the Whole World” [Washington Post]

Overview of Red Dead Redemption [NY Times]

Texas Schools Board to Rewrite US History, Stressing God and Guns [Guardian]

Meet the Crazy Woman Behind It [Gawker]

British Man Killed by Heat from Cannabis Farm Inside His Home [News Limited]

BP Hopes to Siphon Up to Half of Oil In Gulf [Yahoo News]

Woman Sues Wireless Carrier After Her Affair is Exposed via Cell Phone Bill [The Star]

The Energy Used In a Google Search

12 May

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Important Things

28 Apr

5 Minute Colon Cancer Test Could Save Thousands [ABC News]

Apple Asked For Lost iPhone Criminal Probe [Biz Journal]

The Quadski Makes Other Waterskis Jealous [Uncrate]

The Trustworthiness of Beards [Imgur]

AOL Stock Drops 15%. Probably Because of the Lack of Free Trial Discs [CNN Money]

Sprint Stock Also Dropped, But Somehow Managed To Get More Customers [Reuters]

Porsche Recalls All Panameras [Yahoo Finance]

Red Wine May Protect Against Stroke [UPI]

New Non-Addictive Painkiller Made From Hot Chili Peppers [Science Daily]

Students Hooked On Social Media. No Seriously, They Are [CTV]

Harrisburg, PA Considering Bankruptcy [Business Week]

Suntanned Women to be Arrested Under Islamic Dress Code [Telegraph]

Cub Scouts Now Giving Out Video Game Badges [Gizmodo]

Power Things With Your Shoes [Treehugger]

Japan to Send Humanoid Robot to the Moon by 2015 [Crunch Gear]

HP Buys Palm [Engadget]

3G Data Plans for the Apple iPad [AT&T]

Important Things

26 Apr

The 8 Dumbest Business Decisions [Money Central]

Windmill Boom Curbs Electric Power for Germany [Bloomberg]

PETA is Super Pissed at Mafia Wars [Euro Gamer]

$1.5 Billion Dollar Experiment to be Delayed. NASA Needs Cheaper Parts [NY Times]

90,000 Protest U.S. Base On Okinawa [NY Times]

Astronauts Could Live in Martian Caves [New Scientist]

California Has 700 Inmates On Death Row–13 Have Been Killed Since 1977. What To Do [Yahoo News]

North Koreans Losing Trust In Kim. Seriously? [SF Gate]

How To Legally Spy On Someone via Cell Phones [CNet]

Architect Turns Cramped Apartment Into 24 Room Mansion

26 Apr

[techeblog.] via

Important Things

20 Apr

25 Ridiculous Inventions [elist Mania]

‘Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone’-Steve Jobs [Tech Crunch]

Apparently the SEC Totally Knew the Lehman Bros Would Go Down the Tubes [NY Times]

Teens Prefer Texting Over Talking On the Phone. Seriously [Google]

Volcanic Lightning Explained [Science Blogs]

The Coming Age of Avatars for Space Exploration [Daily Galaxy]

Iranian Missile May be Able to Hit U.S. by 2015 [Reuters]

Digital Photocopiers Save All Your Shit [CBS News]

Listen to What I Have to Say [ITSB On Twitter]