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Be Right Back

3 Jun

So I’ve finally migrated the site to my own server, and I’m attempting to figure it all out. That means less posts for today. I’ll probably be on the phone all day with my hosting company yelling at them for not making things easier for the end consumer, which is me. I’ll update as soon as everything is done.

In the mean time, enjoy the archives. Plenty of good shit in there.


Max Powers


Important Things

2 Jun

10 Tips For More Fuel-Efficient Summer Driving [Consumerist]

American Investors = Stupid Losers [Market Watch]

China’s New Invention–the iPed. Just Like the iPad, but More Chinese [Kotaku]

American Cigarettes are the Worst Kind of Cigarettes [Reuters]

Free Apps Install Spyware on Macs [CNET]

Digg is Dead [Website Magazine]

British Mountaineer Left to Die After He Lost His Sight Upon Descent [Daily Mail]

Detained Illegal Immigrants Still Count Towards the Census [Washington Post]

British Airways Gives Osama Bin Laden a Boarding Pass. Oops [ABC News]

White is the New Not White, In Terms of Race [Daily Mail]

BP Has Successfully Increased Oil Flow By 20% [CNN]

Bad Timing, Captain Planet

2 Jun

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Avatar Days

2 Jun

“Here’s a cool video about World of Warcraft players in Dublin, showing us what it might be like to see WoW characters playing as their owners in everyday life. It has some interesting points to make about the game and the culture”

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Whale Hunting

2 Jun

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Why Twilight Is Popular

2 Jun

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Good Guys In Bad Games Sets

2 Jun

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