Important Things

2 Jun

10 Tips For More Fuel-Efficient Summer Driving [Consumerist]

American Investors = Stupid Losers [Market Watch]

China’s New Invention–the iPed. Just Like the iPad, but More Chinese [Kotaku]

American Cigarettes are the Worst Kind of Cigarettes [Reuters]

Free Apps Install Spyware on Macs [CNET]

Digg is Dead [Website Magazine]

British Mountaineer Left to Die After He Lost His Sight Upon Descent [Daily Mail]

Detained Illegal Immigrants Still Count Towards the Census [Washington Post]

British Airways Gives Osama Bin Laden a Boarding Pass. Oops [ABC News]

White is the New Not White, In Terms of Race [Daily Mail]

BP Has Successfully Increased Oil Flow By 20% [CNN]


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