04.01.10 Important Things

1 Apr

Are You Addicted to Porn? Yes. Yes, You Are [National Review]

Are Human-like Robots Creepy? Yes. Yes, They Are [Spectrum]

Doctors Performed a C-Section On a Woman. Here’s the Kicker: She Wasn’t Pregnant [ABC Local]

America’s Biggest Problem is That We Work Too Hard [Washington Post]

South Korea’s Internet is Way Sweeter [CNN]

Things That Should be Censored: Books, TV, Movies, and the Internet [The Age]

Hyundai To Ship iPads With New Luxury Cars [Jolopnik]

Don’t Fret. U.S. Economy is ‘On the Verge of Job Creation’ [Business Week]

Toyota’s U.S. Sales Increase 35% Despite that Whole Nationwide Epidemic Thing [Breitbart]

Extreme Makeover: Goldman Sachs Edition [LOL Fed]

Jesse James is Not a Nazi [The Superficial]

Tiger Woods Paid a Mistress $10 Million to STFU. It Didn’t Work [TMZ]

Anna Paquin is Bisexual. Boing! [WWTDD]


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