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Important Things

28 Apr

5 Minute Colon Cancer Test Could Save Thousands [ABC News]

Apple Asked For Lost iPhone Criminal Probe [Biz Journal]

The Quadski Makes Other Waterskis Jealous [Uncrate]

The Trustworthiness of Beards [Imgur]

AOL Stock Drops 15%. Probably Because of the Lack of Free Trial Discs [CNN Money]

Sprint Stock Also Dropped, But Somehow Managed To Get More Customers [Reuters]

Porsche Recalls All Panameras [Yahoo Finance]

Red Wine May Protect Against Stroke [UPI]

New Non-Addictive Painkiller Made From Hot Chili Peppers [Science Daily]

Students Hooked On Social Media. No Seriously, They Are [CTV]

Harrisburg, PA Considering Bankruptcy [Business Week]

Suntanned Women to be Arrested Under Islamic Dress Code [Telegraph]

Cub Scouts Now Giving Out Video Game Badges [Gizmodo]

Power Things With Your Shoes [Treehugger]

Japan to Send Humanoid Robot to the Moon by 2015 [Crunch Gear]

HP Buys Palm [Engadget]

3G Data Plans for the Apple iPad [AT&T]


Prince of Persia Recreated With Legos

28 Apr

Vodpod videos no longer available.



28 Apr


Building a Skateboard Will Give You a Boner

28 Apr

[videomaniacable.] via

Time Traveler Caught In Museum Photo

28 Apr

Explanation here


Giant Deep Sea Jellyfish Filmed In Gulf of Mexico

28 Apr

Vodpod videos no longer available. [bbc.]

This Dog Will Murder You With a Smile On His Face

28 Apr