03.01.10 Important Things

1 Mar

21 Apps Apple Doesn’t Want On Your iPhone [Info World]

The 10 Most Addictive Sounds In the World [Fast Company]

3D-Ready TVs Arrive Before 3D is Even Available [DVICE]

Internet is Third Most Popular News Medium. Maybe Because It’s Free, Duh [CNET]

Marijuana Use Increases Risk for Psychosis [Yahoo News]

Playboy to Begin Outsourcing. Could Possibly Feature Ugly Women [Chicago Tribune]

Man Discovers Fossil In His Garden Rockery. People Have Garden Rockeries? [Telegraph]

Bacteria Becoming Stronger, Immune to Antibiotics. Human Race Screwed [NY Times]

Some Vaccines Could Cause Autism In Healthy Children [Google]

Pat Robertson Believes God is “Even Angrier With Chile Than Haiti.” [Open Salon]

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