I Scream, You Scream, And if You Do It Again You're Dead

11 Feb

Peter Montenegro, the homely gentleman pictured above, was arrested Wednesday for the attempted murder and robbery of Amarjit Kaur, the kind neighborhood ice cream truck driver. That isn’t a mugshot you’re looking at, that’s his fucking high school photo. Look how mean he looks–and the kid’s only 15. Can you imagine how terrible he’ll be when he’s 25? First it’s ice cream trucks, then pretty soon it’ll be luxury cars parked outside the local liquor store, because this kid’s got nothing going for him. I’m thinking that good parenting is in short supply.

from KCRA

“At about 2:41 p.m. Feb. 3, Vallejo police responded to a report of a woman slumped behind the steering wheel of an ice cream truck in the area of Springs Road at Castlewood Drive.

The truck was near Springstowne Middle School, where Kaur apparently regularly sold ice cream.

According to a detective, Montenegro and another boy allegedly demanded money from Kaur.

The detective said Kaur, a recent immigrant who did not speak English well, had trouble understanding their demands and was shot when the boys thought she was not responding quickly enough.”

Who the fuck robs ice cream trucks? Ice cream trucks, puppies, public access television, and babies are the only decent things we have left these days. He could have easily just robbed a strip club, or run an underground gambling rig in his basement. The possibilities are endless. Tsk tsk.


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