Scientists Create Spider-Feet that Allows Humans to Walk On Walls

3 Feb

Putting tape on your fingers won’t make you stick to walls–neither will glue, or any other type of over the counter product. Fortunately, for those of you that dream of scaling walls or spying on the girl’s locker room, scientists have created a device that will allow humans to walk on walls. How you ask? A little hard work, imagination, and water. And really complicated science that I can’t even begin to understand.

from Stuff

“Scientists have come up with a device that could soon allow humans to walk on walls.

The palm-size contraption, made of layers of metal and silicon wafers, is no thicker than a credit card.

To make the device sticky, a film of water, held in the bottom layer, is pushed through tiny holes in the middle layers to the surface by an electric pump.

The droplets on the surface then acts as a bridge that sticks the device to another surface.”

You know what sucks? This is intended for heavy-duty sticky notes. Useful.


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