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Mordor Was the Case That They Gave Me

26 Feb



Chatroulette: The Movie

26 Feb


02.26.10 Afternoon Slump Link Dump

26 Feb

10 of the Strangest Workout Videos You Will Ever See [Guyism]

7 Extremely Nerdy Pick-Up Lines [College Humor]

Lightsaber USB Thumbdrives are Cool/Look Like Robot Penises [Think Geek]

The Dumbest Things Beauty Queens Have Ever Said [Huff Post]

Some People Try Way Too Hard to be Hip [Caveman Circus]

Real Life Buzz Lightyear [Unreality]

The Flash Gets a Director [FilmDrunk]

How to Get to 100 Years Old [Ned Hardy]

3-6-9, Thou Art Fine

26 Feb


02.25.10 Important Things

25 Feb

This Particular U.S. Embassy Looks Lame [Guardian]

New Trend: Stores Send You a Text Message As You Approach Them [NY Times]

How Google Remains to be Awesome [Wired]

2010: China Will Dominate America. 1990 Japan Will Dominate America [Washington Post]

Jobless Claims Rose…Again [Business Week]

Creatures From the Deep Look Frightening [Frozenly]

Former KKK Member Involved With the ’64 Slayings Sues FBI [WBBM]

Patients of CoxHealth Were Exposed to Deadly Levels of Radiation [News-Leader]

How Not to Apply For a Job [Gawker]

Low-Carb Diet Can Increase Bad Cholesterol Levels [Yahoo News]

Woman Has Sex with 15 Year Old Boy, Tells His Mom About It In a Drunken State [NWF]

Jay Leno is Racist

25 Feb


Football Fans Are Attractive Sometimes

25 Feb