The National Enquirer Deserves a Pulitzer Prize

21 Jan

Saying the National Enquirer deserves any sort of reward is like saying that Angels can be shot down from the sky using a 12 gauge. Wait, didn’t they do a story on that once? Apparently they’re up for a Pulitzer Prize for their astounding work in investigatory journalism.

from Gawker

“The New York Times won the breaking news category last year for revealing Eliot Spitzer’s infidelity. While that was doubtless fantastic reporting, the Enquirer had a much tougher task, and a much bigger fish to land. Their investigation was prompted by just a brief phone tip. Through nothing more than shoe leather and persistence their team exposed a major Presidential candidate as a cheat and a liar.

Their reporting standards have been praised before too. If the Washington Post, or theNew Orleans Times-Picayune or any paper really, had broken a story of this magnitude their Pulitzer nod would barely be in doubt. Edwards called the Enquirer, while trying to disparage its claims he was cheating and had fathered a child “tabloid trash.” That stigma is the only reason its investigative reporters will not be considered.”

Even if this were the case, they’ve already ruined their reputation by printing countless, outrageous stories about celebrity misguided antics, aliens, the second coming of Jesus, Big Foot, and more delusive content. I’m drowning in their lies, and the water’s too choppy to swim back.


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