Man Caught Smuggling 15 Year Old Boy

20 Jan

If I was an ignorant person, I’d make an insensitive joke referencing things like pedophilia, date rape, and the like, but I’m going to be sympathetic to the situation and try my best to steer clear from sexual claims. Here it goes. Alexander Lepesiotis, age 42, was caught smuggling a teenage boy in his suitcase. No matter how I approach this it’ll just sound profane. Get your mind out of the gutter, Max Powers.

from Daily Mail

“This was the amazing sight that greeted Italian immigration police during routine spot check – a teenage boy hidden in a suitcase as he tried to illegally enter the country.

The 15-year-old Afghan boy was discovered curled into foetal position inside the case while his 17-year-old brother was hidden in the foot well covered with blankets.

Officers immediately arrested the Greek driver of the car, Alexandros Lepesiotis, 42, and charged him with illegally smuggling people into the country.”

At least he gave it the ol’ college try. Plus, that suitcase looks terribly uncomfortable.


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