Ninjas Use All Their Cunning to Rob Taco Restaurant

19 Jan

Last Sunday, ninjas robbed the shit out of a Taco restaurant, Delio Cioso. The owner, Rudy Masia, probably got a blow-dart to the neck before he even saw the shadowed culprits. But since the ninjas got what they came for, they spared his life. You’re right, none of that happened, but that’s what I’d do if I was a ninja.

from Cafe Society

“On Sunday, a pair of ninjas robbed Deli Cioso, a Mexican restaurant in Longmont. Owner Rudy Masia says he turned over a day’s receipts to the mysterious miscreants, who were tiny and dressed in black.

Longmont Police Sergeant Garrett Boden told the Longmont Times-Call that the culprits didn’t have large knives or swords. So how did Masia know that they were ninjas? Maybe he was a Shogun warrior in a previous life, before he started slinging tortillas. After all, Longmont isn’t exactly known as a ninja hotbed.

The officers who responded to the scene used a police dog to search the area, but were unable to find a scent. It’s like the robbers just vanished into thin air. Hey — just like ninjas.”

I imagine they left by way of smokescreen…or magic.


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