01.13.10 Afternoon Slump Link Dump

13 Jan

Leno Could Be Leaving NBC Too [Pop Eater]

8 Lame Ass Shows NBC Will Probably Use to Replace Leno [Cracked]

Top 8 Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid. No Homo [Asylum]

Girl’s Face Falls Off as a Side Effect To Pain Killer. Gross [Telegraph]

50 Movies That Will Send You to Hell As Labeled By the Catholic Church [Buzzfeed]

Mac Users Aren’t as Safe as They Think [Engadget]

Every Movie Needs to Be in 3D [FilmDrunk]

The 10 Best Gadgets at CES [MadeMan]

Being Broke Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Eat Sweet Ass Food [Reddit Frugal]

Childrens Toys Do a Good Job of Selling Sex Toys [Copyranter]

$100,000 Bill is Real [Mental Floss]


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