Teenage Girls Are Really Good at Robbing Banks

7 Jan

Let’s face it–teenage girls are really fucking annoying, and are bad at a lot of things. Like being nice, and making good decisions. However, they seem to show much promise in the field of swindling cash. Two girls between the ages of 12-16 are wanted for robbing a Cincinatti bank in the most badass way possible. They pretty much walked in and talked their way into getting the cash. No weapons were used, unless you count intimidation, persuasion, and a terrible case of hormonal imbalance.


“The baby faced bank robbers, one believed to be 12 years old and the other 14 or 15, entered the 1st National Bank in Symmes Township, “walked up to the bank teller, and gave the teller a note demanding money,” Steve Barnett, spokesman for the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office, said in a statement.

Neither of the girls carried a weapon, but “the teller gave the suspects an undetermined amount of U.S. currency,” according to Barnett.”

The girls managed to escape from a K-9 search party and fucking police helicopters. I’m sure they returned home to write about this in their diaries, only to laugh about it later on in the night.


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