Most Popular Google Searches For 2009. Too Many Twilight References

5 Jan

If anyone were to take a look at my search history, it would be filled with terms like “megan fox nude,” “megan fox nude fake,” “megan fox nip slip,” and “call of duty.” This article really showcases what the American people find interesting, and from the looks of it, we’re a pretty fucking boring group of people. Fastest rising-new moon, bella swan, allice cullen, jacob black? I don’t see why people aren’t more interested in grown up things like the rise in unemployment, the new healthcare bill, or the lack of satisfaction with Barack Obama’s politics. Probably because our country is going to shit, and for two seconds we want to forget the crisis we put ourselves in. I suggest you do it with porn, it works a lot better.


“Whether it’s a fresh season of a TV show or a new policy out of Washington, something new is always entering the national spotlight.

This graph captures the fastest rising query for each quarter of 2009, visualized over the entire year. To find the fastest rising query for each quarter, we looked at the most popular searches conducted every three months and ranked them based on how much their popularity increased compared to the previous quarter. Note how some queries maintain a moderate level of search volume over an extended period of time, whereas others peak sharply and suddenly.”

You know what else this shows? That we’re a bunch of pervs too. Guilty as charged.


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