01.05.10 Afternoon Slump Link Dump

5 Jan

15 Young People Who Try to Be Different But Fail. They’re So Super Hardcore [Uncoached]

Buttload of Kim Kardashian Photos. Some NSFW [COED]

Inner Dialogue of a Married Man on New Year’s Eve [Holy Taco]

Most Important Medical Breakthroughs of the 2000s [Medical Future]

Reasons Why Nobody Likes You. Fuck You, Non Telescoping Camera Lens [Nobody Likes You]

50 Things We Learned In 2009 [B&P]

TSA Confiscates Play-Doh From Kid. Because Kids are Terrorists and Play Doh is Dangerous [Guyism]

6 Assassination Attempts That Almost Fucked the World [Cracked]

Touchscreens Are So 2009 [Engadget]

10 Vampire Movie Fails [Screen Junkies]

Tila Tequila’s Fiancee Found Dead at 30. Tila Tells Everyone via Twitter [The Superficial]


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