Socially Acceptable Geek Sub-Genre Scale

31 Dec

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Every geek shall have his day?” Well it turns out that it’s only partially true–it really just depends on what type of geek you are. If you’re a gadget geek, then you’re probably really awesome, but also kind of a douchebag. If you’re an anime geek, then you’re most likely a freak and should never step outside your parents’ basement. Click the link for the list of socially acceptable geek-sub genres.


“Being a geek no longer holds the stigma it once did. In fact, it can be downright cool to be a geek these days. But not all geeks are created equal.

The Socially Acceptable Geek Subgenre Scale is a handy showcase of just where various types of geeks fall in the social hierarchy. And if you’re offended because you find yourself near the bottom of the scale, just remember: there’s no shame in being passionate about something unpopular as long as no one knows about it.”

They should make a correlation graph comparing the Geek Hierarchy to the amount of sex they’re likely to receive.


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