Asspeakers. Won't Creep Out Your Loved Ones

28 Dec

It’s pretty self explanatory. They’re speakers shaped like an ass. In terms of sound quality, I wouldn’t expect much, but in terms of looking like an ass, well I think they hit a home run with this one. And that strategically placed hole on the sub-woofer–truly a work of art.


“The main unit is the subwoofer and the control station. The smaller units are speakers and connect to the controller through bluetooth technology, they work as single cheek units and can be connected to store as one small butt. To activate the unit, one must tap the unit.

Tap the main unit to turn the speakers on. Once tapped, the unit shows that it’s received the command with a small red light (kind of like what happens when a cheek is smacked). This light goes away after three seconds. Rubbing the unit on either cheek in a circular motion turns the sound up (rotating right), and turns the sound down (rotating left.)”

It gives new meaning to the phrase “tap that ass” Unless you’re planning on having sex with it.


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