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Live Action Halo Trailer. Feckin' Sweet

10 Sep

Site News: Apologies for Extensive Hiatus. Shit's Going Back to Normal Real Soon

10 Sep

Sorry for the couple of weeks I haven’t been posting. I’ve been sorting some things out and the site will be back to normal relatively soon. Stay pretty, kiddos. ITSB is here to stay, and it ain’t goin’ nowhere. Ya dig?

Auto-Tune the News 8 ft. T-Pain. Hilarious

2 Sep

Fucking Sweet Ass Rainbow

2 Sep



09.02.09 Boner Inducing Links

2 Sep


Top 10 Ways to Fake Confidence. Stuffing Your Pants Works Just as Well [Ask Men]

Huge Wang was Revealed After Painting was Cleaned [ABC News]

Guy Sold Unicorn Semen for $31 On Ebay. Looks Like I Got the Good End of the Deal [Geekologie]

25 Hot Girls Fishing  [Holy Taco]

10 Most Blasphemous Sex Scandals. Men of the Cloth Love Doing It [Whip It Out]

5 Best Sites to Watch Things Blow Up. Or You Could Just Rent a Michael Bay Film [Make Use Of]

Twitter 101. New Course at DePaul University. Retarded [WBBM]

Guidos are Super Tough, and Apparently Bleed Patron [Break]

Rihanna Goes Topless…Kind of [The Blemish]

There’s a 3D Smurf Movie In the Works. That is Freakin’ Smurf [FilmDrunk]

Yeti Caught On Film. Still Not Caught On Film: Jessica Alba Doing It

2 Sep

Definitely looks like a guy in a gorilla suit. I call fakesies.

Really Good Cupcake

2 Sep