Mr. Belding is Coming Out With a CD. Sounds Like He’s Been Busy With His Career. Not

19 Aug


I’ve always been a fan of karaoke, especially if I’m under the influence of certain substances. There’s something about 30 year old women singing out of tune that really makes my Saturday nights. Now, instead of embarrassing yourself in front of all your friends/strangers unaided, you can embarrass yourself by singing along side the coolest principal ever, Mr. Belding. Look how cool he looks in that picture. Dreams really do come true.


“Mr. Belding — has a karaoke album dropping September 1. In a press release (and truly a marvel of the form at that), Haskins says: “I love to sing and have been doing karaoke for the past six years. Karaoke is about having fun and I hope everyone will have fun singing along with me or on their own with our karaoke CD/DVD!””


1. School’s Out
2. California Dreamin’
3. Piano Man
4. What A Wonderful World
5. Brown Eyed Girl
6. Georgia
7. Friends In Low Places

Only 7 tracks? Really? You’d think a guy who was on a show 20 years ago would at least be able to get into the double digits. Guess he was too busy kissing girls, signing autographs, and being an important character on Saved By the Bell. Oh, he wasn’t important? At all? Well what the fuck? Do work Dennis Haskins.


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