Snoring Kills

18 Aug

Stabbing Waiting to Happen

I can see how snoring kills in one of 2 ways: the first being what this article is talking about, and the second–being murdered by the person sleeping next to you.


“Men who snore loudly may have a shorter life expectancy than those who sleep quietly.

In fact, say scientists, middle-aged men who have severe sleep apnoea, a common disorder characterised by snores, gasps and snorts, are twice as likely to die during any given time period.

During the course of the eight years, 1,047 participants died. Men aged 40 to 70 with severe sleep apnoea were twice as likely to have died as those without the condition, even when other factors such as weight and smoking habits were taken into account.

Heart disease was a particular problem among those who died, the journal PLoS Medicine reports.”

Sounds like bad news for me because I snore louder than a construction site. Looks like I’ll have to start wearing a bullet proof vest to bed. And learn how to sleep with one eye open.


One Response to “Snoring Kills”

  1. Ed December 8, 2009 at 1:50 AM #

    I have recently used a OTC product that I purchased – Ysnore nasal spray. I used Ysnore on the first night and I STOPPED snoring. I want to tell others and maybe it would help. Ysnore is a natural homeopathic product with no side effects. That’s why I tried it. Just spray int he nsoe before bedtime.

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