Plant that Eats Rats. Also a Huge Jerk

18 Aug


I never knew plants could be such assholes. I get goosebumps by looking at that picture–I feel like it’s on me. Or I’m in it. That wasn’t a sexual reference…unless you want it to be. You getting turned on too? Oh, yea me neither.


Scientists have discovered a flesh-eating plant so large that it can swallow and devour rats whole. They are lured into its slipper-like mouth to drown or die of exhaustion before being slowly dissolved by digestive enzymes.

Natural history explorer Stewart McPherson, who runs Redfern Natural History Productions, discovered the plant during an expedition to Mount Victoria in the Philippines, with fellow botanists Alastair Robinson and Volker Heinrich.

The plant, a member of the ‘pitcher’ family, grows more than 4ft long. The team said in a statement: ‘That one of the largest carnivorous plants has remained undiscovered until the 21st century is remarkable.”

If I ever intend on going to the Philippines, I’ll be sure to wear my steel toed boots. No, I don’t own a pair. At least not yet.


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