Law Enforcement Douchebaggery:10 Year Old Girl Receives $50 Fine for Selling Lemonade

18 Aug


So this little girl and her father set up a lemonade stand at their local park and ended up getting a fucking $50 fine. Now, I don’t know what Clementine Lee looks like, but I imagine her to be a sweet, innocent looking girl that likes to play jump rope, and do other things that girls that age do–things I have no idea of because I’m way too old to care. Giving a little girl a ticket for selling food without a permit is like giving an elderly man a ticket for using the internet. Horrible analogy? Or the best fucking analogy. Yea it sucks, sorry.


“To 10-year-old Clementine Lee, setting up a lemonade stand at Riverside Park on a hot Saturday afternoon seemed like a fun way to make money.

Instead, she and her dad got slapped with a $50 fine.

She and her father, Richard Lee, had only been selling lemonade and cookies for about 15 minutes when three Parks Department agents approached them.

“One of them looked at the sign and said, ‘Oh yes, she’s selling it,’ and then they asked me right away for ID,” Richard said.

To Richard’s disbelief, the agents began writing them a ticket for selling food without a permit.”

Luckily the ticket will be dismissed because the judge realized how retarded the reason was. Noice.


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