T-Mobile Repackaging iPhones

4 Aug


T-Mobile, also known as the nation’s worst mobile service provider, formerly known as the company that offered the sidekick, has seemingly been in the business of repackaging old iPhone 3G’s to keep high brow customers wanting. With the release of the 3Gs, who the fuck would want an old iPhone 3G? They’re basically the same thing, but if you’re out to buy an iPhone, chances are you’re a savvy tech user that always wants, nay, needs to have the latest gear on hand. Plus, T-Mobile is definitely screwing you because if you’re just signing up with their service, there’s no way they’ll hand you an iPhone. They’re strictly reserved for customers that are tired of shitty service and who are threatening to leave them for a younger, more attractive service provider.


“Apple’s 3G handset won’t be available to just any T-Mobile customer – only high spenders who threaten to leave need apply, and only 150 of those a week will be lucky enough to get their hands on an officially-supported T-Mobile iPhone, though even that risks annoying Apple and will certainly have O2 up in arms.

We previously reported rumours that T-Mobile, and possibly Orange, would be getting the iPhone 3G later in the year as O2’s exclusivity period ended. But when we spoke to O2 this morning, the operator assured us that its exclusive deal included the iPhone 3G, and was still firmly in place.

So T-Mobile has imported an unknown number of iPhone 3G handsets from a European distributor, which it will be supplying to customers paying more than £75 a month if they threaten to leave – the latter clause enforced by allocating the handsets through 50 agents in the retentions department, and limiting those agents to three a week each.”

Why would you want an iPhone supported by T-Mobile? Unless you enjoy never having a signal, or paying a premium for iPhone maintenance, then go ahead and waste your money. The greatest thing about T-Mobile? Catherine Zeta Jones.


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