Nick Cannon Knows About Real Hip-Hop

4 Aug

Here’s a retarded video of Nick Cannon and Nas speaking out about the current state of hip-hop. Because you know, Nick Cannon’s released several #1 hit-singles, produced for record breaking artists, and married the hottest chick second to Megan Fox. Oh wait, he’s done none of those things, yet he thinks he’s entitled to talk about how much hip hop sucks and gives a glimpse to its pending dismal future. Eminem, instead of making songs that bash Mariah, can you just switch over to Nick Cannon? I think he deserves it more. In fact, I think we should all just take metal bats to his face. You were on Nickelodeon, Nick Cannon. You are not cool.

Update: Ok, what the FUCK is going on in this video. They don’t even talk about slavery in rap anymore. What is he trying to make a parody of? A 1930s Disney film? I’ll tell you what people rap about now: money, drugs, girls, dancing, making it out of the ‘hood,’ and expensive cars. Black people are doing most of the rapping…so how are they being racist to black people? God, this video pisses me off. I want to mail Nick Cannon a package that when he opens it, he gets punched in the face by a boxing glove attached to an extendable arm.


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