Personal Urns: Made From Your Loved Ones Face

30 Jul


This is the creepiest way to memorialize your deceased loved one. No Joke. I would not want one of these above my fireplace, or on my dresser. Can you honestly walk around your house alone and in the dark? No, you can’t because darkness is scary, and having some dead person’s face staring back at you in the dark is even scarier. Granted, you probably won’t be able to see them, unless there was just enough light to see lightly colored objects. I would be scared shitless if I was in my house and all I could see was my great grandfather’s personal urn looking at me dead in the eyes. Thank God for night lights.


“Personal urns are a new and exciting way to memorialize your loved one. 

Now we can create a custom urn in the image of your loved one or favorite Celebrity.

New advances in facial reconstruction and 3D printing have made it possible to have an urn made in the image of anyone from just a photograph.

Never forget a face. Personal Urns combine art and technology to create a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations.”

I wouldn’t mind having a personal urn of Jessica Alba or Megan Fox. I wonder if they have a complete set that includes the body, because then I’d totally get one…naked. If they did, I’d keep it in my bed and do unforgivable things to it. Who needs a girlfriend when you’ve got your own Megan Fox? I’m pathetic.


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