Video Watch Phone. For When You Go On Secret Missions

28 Jul


Me, and every 11 year old in the world wants a video watch phone. Anyone over the age of 13 would look like a huge skin flute using one of these out in public. Don’t misread the last sentence and assume that I’m thirteen, but I will admit that I look thirteen.  Can you imagine going to the grocery store wearing one of these? It would be like going on a mission…every time. Be prepared to shell out a little more than $1,600 for one of these, but it’s worth it (not)


“Early tips have consistently hovered around the £1,000 ($1,623) mark on an unsubsidized pre-pay contract, which instantly puts the GD910 out of reach of most would-be buyers.  We’ve also heard talk that LG have limited supplies of the watch phone, lending it even more exclusivity.

Known specifications for the GD910 include a 1.43-inch capacitive touchscreen, 3G, Bluetooth and a front-facing video camera

Now you can live out your dreams of being James Bond. Not the Pierce Brosnan James Bond, the Sean Connery one. Or you could just take your normal phone and tape it to your wrist. It’s not like I’ve tried it before….it was cool at the time ok?! Hit the link for a video demonstration.



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