Best Places to Stash Your Cash In the Comfort of Your Own Home

13 Jul


Having a secret safe hidden behind a picture frame is cliche and retarded. Hollywood has taught us that if a safe isn’t out in the open, it’s most likely behind a giant painting of yourself sitting in a chair while holding a cigar. Fortunately, The Consumerist has compiled this great list of the best places to hide your money if you’re from the 1930s and don’t trust banks.


1. The Freezer: Wrap your cash in aluminum foil and stick it in a ziplock bag.
2. Picture Frames: Slice apart the cardboard backing and insert the cash.
3. Under Heavy Things: Place the cash in an envelope and slide it under the corner of something heavy, like a piano or entertainment center.
4. Soup Cans: Why buy one of those fake-bottom cans when you just re-use one of your own?
5. Fake Plants: Put the cash in a ziplock bag and bury it in the fake soil of one of your fake plants.
6. Books: Improve the worst book in your collection with a knife. Hollow out the core and hide the cash inside.
7. Toys: Hide the cash in an old toy your kids don’t use anymore, and bury the toy at the bottom of the toy chest.

If I hid my money in any of these places, I’d just forget about it. That’s why I use a bank so I don’t need to think about anything…except when I have -$4.00 in my account like I do now. Looks like the credit score just took a few more hits…


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