"This is a 911 emergency," the person said. "I got robbed for eight dollars."

29 Jun


911 is reserved for life and death situations. I’m pretty sure losing 8 dollars isn’t life threatening, unless you had a deal worked out with the mob and you were 8 dollars short of repayment. Jeremy Lloyd Martin paid $10 at a McDonald’s drive thru, and only got a burger and fries. Instead of calling 911, I don’t see why he couldn’t just circle around, and go through the drive thru again. I can see why he got pissed, because technically, $10 could get you 9 things off the dollar menu, and all he got was a burger and fries. But calling 911 and threatening to sue is fucking crazy.


“According to a tape of the 911 calls released by Clackamas County 911, a man initially told a dispatcher that he was at the McDonald’s near the intersection of Southeast Sunnyside Road and Southeast 82nd Avenue and needed help. The man said he had paid $10 in the drive-thru but only received a single burger and a fry before he was told to pull around.

“Sir, this is not a police matter,” the dispatcher told him. “You need to take it up with the manager of the McDonald’s.”

But a person who identified himself as Martin called back demanding that dispatchers send a police officer to the scene and threatening to sue.

“This is a 911 emergency,” the person said. “I got robbed for eight dollars.”

“Sir, 911 is life-and-death only,” the dispatcher said. “If you do continue calling 911 you will be arrested for misuse.”

“Well, arrest me at (expletive) 82nd and Sunnyside Road,” the caller responded. “Please send a cop right now. I swear to God all my life…”

Eventually an officer arrived after a person who identified himself as Martin had called 911 again.”

I would maybe sue McDonald’s if I slipped on the floor and they failed to put up a “wet floor” sign. Even then, I’d probably just ask for a free order of chicken nuggets. I love chicken nuggets.


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