Perez Hilton Says MJ Death is a Stunt. On Another Note, Perez Hilton Is Retarded

26 Jun


Are you fucking kidding me? Are tv specials, radio announcements, articles, and video tributes not enough to confirm the death of the King of Pop? Or is Perez Hilton so amazingly retarded that he needs to actually perform the autopsy himself to verify that the lifeless body he’s staring at is indeed Michael Jackson. I didn’t think Perez could get any lower, but I guess no one really knows the depths of Perez Hilton’s lack of intellect.


In a now deleted post, Perez Hilton originally tried to call Michael Jackson’s “bluff,” offering up a theory that MJ was pulling a “stunt” to avoid his upcoming tour. After admitting that he was “dubious,” Perez ended the post with “Get your money back ticket holders!!!” Classy, Perez. Defending himself against Pete Wentz (!), Perez said, “I’m like the McDonald’s of the Internet.””

McDonald’s of the internet? I love how that’s the first thing that comes to mind when he’s thinking of a witty response. That says a lot about where his head’s at. The fatass must love McDonalds.


One Response to “Perez Hilton Says MJ Death is a Stunt. On Another Note, Perez Hilton Is Retarded”

  1. shugo2b June 27, 2009 at 3:02 AM #

    What a douche.

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