British Scientists Build A Fusion Reactor; Could Be a New Energy Source. Dr. Octopus Is Pissed They Stole His Idea

24 Jun


Just like in Spider-man 2, we’ve managed to build a real fusion reactor that can reproduce the power of the sun. I’m not smart enough to explain the different reactions that happen within the sun to create energy, so i’ll let the article do the talking. The sun is hot though. So hot. And it’s big. So big.


“In the star’s burning heart, hydrogen atoms collide at immense speeds. This welds them together and turns them into helium atoms, which each release a burst of energy that escapes into the solar system as light. It is a nuclear furnace, responsible for fuelling all life on Earth, that consumes a lot of hydrogen (600 million tons every second) at very high temperatures (over 15 million degrees C).


The reactor inside the Culham Science Centre, which is managed by the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority, recreates the reaction that occurs at the heart of the sun, only more intensely. Here, less than a gram of hydrogen is used, but it’s heated to 200 million degrees C by high-energy beams that are among the most powerful and lethal heating devices on Earth.

On start-up, when two 50ft white towers aim their barrel-sized particle cannons into the reactor, will it explode into a fireball and swallow our planet like a lump of coke in a blast furnace? Happily, no. When the reactor burns, the hydrogen becomes so hot that no physical container can cool or hold it; so the intense magnetic field holds the swirling vortex of superheated hydrogen in place. The reacting material is completely invisible – it radiates energy at frequencies the human eye can’t see – but as the reactor heats, sections of the wall become so hot that the tiles glow red.”

There’s too much science in this article that I can’t even think up of a douchebag comeback. So I’ll just post this picture of Megan Fox. She, like the sun, is also very hot. Plus she’s totally almost naked in it. Enjoy!

"I'm Totally Almost Naked"

"I'm Totally Almost Naked"


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