N. Korea Hatching Plans to Bomb Hawaii. Too Bad They Suck at Planning

19 Jun
I'm So Ronrey

I'm So Ronrey

Thanks to Japanese Intelligence Officials, we now know that N. Korea is planning to fire ballistic missiles towards the main islands of Hawaii, and bringing the battle to American soil. However, their Taepodong-2 missile has a range of 4,000 miles, while the main lands of Hawaii are 4,500 miles away. Kim Jong Il may look like a crazy scientist, but don’t let his appearance fool you–he’s actually a retard.


“The missile, believed to be a Taepodong-2 with a range of up to 4,000 miles, would be launched in early July from the Dongchang-ni site on the north-western coast of the secretive country.

Intelligence analysts do not believe the device would be capable of hitting Hawaii’s main islands, which are 4,500 miles from North Korea.

It was announced today that the U.S. has deployed anti-missile defences around Hawaii in response to the threat.

North Korea test-fired a similar long-range missile on July 4 three years ago, but it failed seconds after liftoff.

U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the additional defences around Hawaii consist of a ground-based mobile missile system and a radar system nearby.

Together they could shoot an incoming missile in mid air.”

Damn, we can shoot missles in mid-air? That’s some Ironman shit, holla.


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