Jon & Kate are Getting Divorced. Finally

19 Jun


It’s official–come monday, Jon and Kate Gosselin are going to announce that they are  getting divorced; an outcome that we all saw coming. Their trainwreck of a marriage was showcased on  Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC. I would watch that show and be like, dude, their life truly sucks. I get stressed out just watching them. I mean, these people have to deal with 8 kids running around and screaming during the entire show. Whatever though, Kate is a bitch. I heard she denied one of her kids water during filming. I also heard that she kills puppies. It’s true, believe me.


“The source says that Kate recently met with a divorce lawyer. Another source told that the couple had previously agreed to separate by July 15.

But that timetable has now been pushed forward.

TLC released video earlier Thursday teasing that a major announcement was coming. And while many have speculated that it centered on the couple splitting up, has learned exclusively that the marriage is over and Jon will file divorce papers next week.”

Now that we got them out of the way, we have to deal with that other woman who had 8 kids…Octomom, or something like that. With a name like Octomom, you would assume that this woman was some sort of freak sporting 8 arms, but instead she has 8 kids. Isn’t there already a show like that? Oh yea, Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Old news.


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