World Coming to an End Soonish

17 Jun
"I Could Stay Awake Just To Hear You Breathing....Bruce Willis"

"I Could Stay Awake Just To Hear You Breathing, Bruce Willis"

Let’s face it, the world sucks right now, and the global economy is dwindling faster than you can say supercalifragalisticexpialedocious. According to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s because we’re approaching armafuckinggeddon. That’s right, the world is coming to an end soon…pretty real soon. They say it started in 1914 with WWI, and things have been getting worse since then.


“Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the beginning of the end started around 1914 with World War One.

Since then, there have been plenty of natural and man-made threats to contend with. But the bible, they say, offers specific events to “keep on the watch” for. An escalation in natural disasters, crime, war. Even diseases like Swine Flu.

‘These are all things Jesus said would be increasing in intensity in the last days,” says Mario Beltrami, also a Jehovah’s Witness spokesman, “and we’re seeing that. I think most people agree that these are probably the most critical times we’ve seen.'”

Literally, any point in time can be the beginning to an end. This is the beginning to the end of this post. No this is. No this is. Ok, this is.

Sidenote: This is.


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