Not Only Do Cats Suck at Everything, They're Stupid Too

17 Jun


Cats suck– Bottom line. They literally don’t do anything except sit there and stare at things. At least with dogs, you can take them for a walk, wrestle, spoon, and they lick your face. Have you ever had a dog lick your face? It’s awesome. Probably better than a person licking your face. Creepy. To add on to the list of reasons of why cats suck, it’s now scientifically proven that they’re dumb too.


“The test saw fish treats attached to a piece of string, and placed under a plastic screen. They then saw if the cats could work out that pulling on the other end of the string would pull the treat closer.

While the cats managed it with one string, when a second parallel un-baited one was added, they were left confused.

Previous tests on dogs had seen them complete this relatively easily, proving that dogs are better … at least if you are going to spend your evening playing with strings with them.”

Why dogs are awesome:

  1. They lick your face
  2. Obedient
  3. Loyal
  4. Good listeners
  5. That head tilt thing they do
  6. They rest their heads on your lap when you’re sitting down
  7. Can fight crime

Why cats are awesome:

  1. They don’t poop outside

One Response to “Not Only Do Cats Suck at Everything, They're Stupid Too”

  1. inah June 17, 2009 at 6:19 PM #

    HAHAHAHAAH this is so funny..and i agree!

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