Indiana Jones Series About to Become a Quintet. Don't Worry, You Don't Need to Watch It

16 Jun
I'm Really Fucking Old

I'm Really Fucking Old

Nothing’s worse than when a beloved and well-respected trilogy becomes tarnished by an unwanted fourth movie. We all know that if you’re going for sequels, 3 is the limit. But hey, we’ve seen it happen before, i.e., Star Wars, Rocky, and pretty much all horror movies made in the 90s. The first 3 Indiana Jones movies were all classics in their own right–each movie sporting twisted plots, captivating action scenes, and fucking Harrison Ford. After we were all beat down…severely…by the fourth movie, there are now talks of a fifth movie. Maybe Lucas and Spielberg are trying to redeem what was once their lustrous reputation.


Shia said, “Steven [Spielberg] just said that he cracked the story on it before I left and I think they’re gearing that up,” LaBeouf said. Last summer’s blockbuster was made for about $185 million and earned $786.6 million worldwide. It was the second-highest earner of 2008, behind just The Dark Knight.”

Maybe they should follow in the footsteps of Marvel and completely forget about Indiana Jones 4. Just act like it never happened and make an entirely new film to replace that abortion of a movie we know as Indiana Jones 4.


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