Facebook URLs: The Lowdown

15 Jun

If you haven’t heard about the facebook vanity URLs yet, then you’re either really busy with more important things, or you’re just way out of the loop. Last week, facebook allowed its users to make up their own urls. For example– www.facebook.com/imtsbro. Why this is news? I have no idea, but it created a slew of hilarious facebook links. Mashable.com compiled the 15 best facebook vanity URLs and posted them for everyone to enjoy.

The Top 5 [via]

1. Mirror, mirror: http://www.facebook.com/moc.koobecaf.www

2. Coder: http://www.facebook.com/default.aspx

3. It would have been cooler with .html: http://www.facebook.com/index

4. Cat ran over my keyboard:

5. The entire QWERTY keyboard:

See all 15 here


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